About Speakers

Dr. Thornton Streeter

CEO & Founder, Biofield Sciences

"Biofield Research and the Science of Healing"

Thornton Streeter DSc. is founder of the Centre for Biofield Sciences, now based in Panaji, India in their own research centre after 18 years at the UNESCO, MIT, World Peace Centre, to investigate the anatomy and physiology of the human biofield. The Centre for Biofield Sciences has conducted a large number of pioneering research projects including collaboration with other institutes such as the Kundalini Research Foundation in 2015 and in industry with a number of peer reviewed research studies, a selection of which can be viewed on line at www.academia.edu.

Since 2012, Dr Streeter has collaborated with John Catchpole to develop a subtle energy imaging system, the Biofield Viewer. Biofield Viewer is a digital imaging system that reveals light interference patterns between a controlled lighting environment and the human biofield, reveal a great amount of important detail.

Florentina Richeldi

Researcher, Psychic, Energy Therapist

"Integrating Biofield Science and Healing"

She graduated in Tourism Management & Marketing, completed her training in alternative therapies by integrating western and eastern aspects in relaxation techniques, of mind-body connection and meditation, specializing also in Bioenergetics, Reiki Master. Trainer in Development of ESP and Remote Viewing with the scientist Russell Targ (S.R.I., USA), is his Representative for Italy. As researcher in the field of applied parapsychology, she personally experienced the whole range of psychic phenomena, having always extrasensory experiences that led her to their study in scientific experiments, becoming co-author of various scientific articles, published on SSRN http://ssrn.com/author=2186150.

Currently, she’s a member of FoPR Chttp://www.foprc.org/. Herexperimental work led to the creation of a research database on Biofield with various cutting-edge technologies, such as S.ENERGY PHOTO©, proprietary technology, together with Vibraimage a software used for detection of the psychophysiological parameters. Her interests range from Biophotonics& bioenergetic imaging to Biophysics, consciousness and development of psychic potential.

Viktor Minkin

Vibraimage Technology Inventor

"Vibraimage as the Science of Healing"

Engineering degree from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, 1975-1983, specialization – Information Measurement Technics. Second Master Engineering degree from St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University, 1988-1989, specialization–Photonics. Chief of Research & Development Department in Russian National Research Institute Electron, from 1975-2019. CEO Elsys Corp., from 1992 until current. Vice President Russian Biometrics Association, from 1995 until current. Author and co-author of more than 60 international patents.

Author, co-author and editor of 9 monographs and more than 300 science publications in the fields of physics, electronics, photonics, psychology, biometrics, medicine and security

Gold Medals of Brussels Eureka 1998, 2001, 2002. Chief Editorial Board of International Open Science Conferences, Modern Psychophysiology. Study project–Vibraimage technology development.

Prof. Leonardo Longo

MD, PhD St.

"Laser and Light in Human Energy Field: Therapy of Traumatic Central Nervous System Injuries"

Degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained from the University of Florence, academic year 1979/1980, grade 110/110 with honours; thesis: "Experimental study on the histopathological effects of laser radiation" (Thesis adviser Prof. GC. Zampi, Director, Inst. of Pathological Anatomy).

• Obtained specialization in Endocrinology, academic year 1983/1984, thesis: "Preliminary considerations on the use of lasers in hormone level regulation" (Adviser: Prof. G. Giusti; grade 70/70). • Contract Professor of Laser Surgery and Medicine and Laser General Surgery on Specialization School in General Surgery of Siena University, General Surgery Institute and Surgical Specialization, from 1995 until 2011 • Honor diploma of International Medicine Laser Specialist, WFSLMS, Tokyo, 2009 • Study on Biological effects of Laser and light in Medicine and Surgery and their application in clinical practice.

Marco Marini

Founder and CEO of Water of Siloe

"The Effects of Informed Water in the Bio-Resonance Field"

Marco Marini is the founder and CEO of Water of Siloe, well-known international lecturer and author. He began his research on the properties of informed water and its connection with the Kabbalistic tradition many years ago. His experience as energetic therapist has led him to develop a universal system of healing that can be applied to all walks of life. After more than twenty years of studying, he has published in 2016“Kabbalah and the 22 pathways of healing” with Shiffer publishing. He has founded in 2017 Water of Siloe Ltd, a company focused on producing and distributing worldwide the Water of Siloe Elixirs. These are holistic remedies based on informed water, able to rebalance the human bio-energetic structure by reaching the root of imbalance and by activating a deep process of transformation on every level. Water of Siloe is a wholistic system that focuses on water’s capacity for healing, harmony and transformation. Marco Marini has published in Italian “Informed water in the Kabbalistic Tradition” in 2020, with Om Edizioni, in which he tells about his experience in this field.

Prof. Luigi Maxmilian Caligiuri

Faculty of Science, University of Calabria, Italy

"QED Coherent Dynamics in Living Systems: Biophotons Generation and Quantum Information"

He received Laurea magna cum laude in theoretical Physics from University of Calabria, Cosenza, Italy. From 2001 he is full professor of Physics in the roles of Italian Minister of Educational, Scientific Research and University (MIUR).From 2013 he is also member of the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA), form 2015, an expert member of the International Engineering and Technology Institute (IETI). He has published tens of scientific papers in peer-review international journals of physics and engineering in the fields of theoretical physics, acoustics, biophysics, electromagnetic fields and material sciences. He is editorial board member of tens of international journals related to theoretical and applied physics. Most recent interests relate to coherent quantum field theory and its application to different fields-from fundamental physics to cosmology and brain mechanism, to superluminal physics, to the study of consciousness, to advanced quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence. He also conducts scientific activity and participates in television programs. In 2017 he has been nominated among the top 100 scientists in the world by the Cambridge Biographical Centre.

Ana María Oliva

PhD Biomedicine, Master in Biomedical Engg, Industrial Engineer

"The Electron Dance Party"

PhD Biomedicine, Master in Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineer and passionate for Life. She has been researching for 20 years about an electromagnetic point of view of health and life. She created and she has been leading for 4 years the Energy Health Unit at SHA Wellness Clinic (Spain), accompanying literally thousands to recover health and wellbeing. International speaker, she is a reference in the Spanish-speaking countries for her combination of science and conciousness. She has written 3 books.

Dr. Eliya Kostova

Owner of Neitropia, Internal Medicine & Alternative & Complementary Clinic

"Invisible reality of Human Body"

Medical doctor with specialization in:

l Internal Medicine l Economy of Health l Law Regulation of Public Health l Management of Recreation, Spa and Wellness l Master

Certificate education for:

l Onnuri Su Jok Therapy, Teacher Base Level l Onnuri Twist Therapy l Onnuri Auricular Therapy l Manual Body Based Therapy, Neurotherapy l Energy Body based Therapy l TCM l Training Mr. Yuri Burlan “System Vector Psychology” l Medical Taping Concept Course l Trigger point therapy

Dr. Shamini Jain

Psychologist, Scientist, and Social Entrepreneur

"Biofield Science"

Dr. Shamini Jain is a psychologist, scientist, and social entrepreneur. She is the Founder and Director of the Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI; www.CHI.is), a collaborative accelerator that connects scientists, health practitioners, innovators, and social entrepreneurs to forward the science and practice of healing. Dr. Jain is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UC San Diego, and an active member of UC San Diego’s Center for Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Jain obtained her B.A. in Neuroscience and Behavior from Columbia University, and her Ph.D. degree from the SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, with a research focus in psychoneuroimmunology. She conducted her clinical residency at the La Jolla VA Hospital/UC San Diego, and her post-doctoral fellowship at UCLA’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research. Dr. Jain has published extensively in the areas of psychoneuroimmunology and well-being, integrative medicine, and healing, and has received numerous awards from scientific societies including the American Psychosomatic Society, the American Psychological Association, Society of Behavioral Medicine, Psychoneuroimmunology Research Society, and other societies for her clinical research.

MV Mohankumar

Scientist, Seeker and Innovator

"Biofield and Scale in Variance - Applications of Music Theory in Biofield Healing"

Mohankumar is a scientist, seeker and an innovator having deep love and passion for consciousness empowerment by an interdisciplinary integration of the fields like Theosophy, Biotechnology, Biofield sciences, machine learning, and psi phenomenon.